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We started off by driving to Savannah. After arriving around 9:30, Harvey and Nancy went to see a friend Mike at Denny's. It is always cool to finally meet someone who you only knew online. The next day, we went and visited with lots of relatives. We went over to Jack and Dina's to visit Dina... Jack was in Atlanta. Then we went to Jerry and Marci's... but they were out of town. No problem Sally was there with lot's of kids. We saw Gary, Tara, Kenneth & Jody, Mark & Lynne, and all the cousins. Then we went over to Donna's and saw the baby. Next it was off to Stanley & Roses. Relatively speaking it was a banner day!

The next day we were off to Hilton Head. Our daily routine was get up early, Harvey and Nancy and Marcus or Elliot played golf every morning, then we would go to the beach or swim in the pool. Then it was off to dinner at one of the great restaurants on the island.

One day we rented a pontoon boat and cruised the waterways. And we saw real live dolphins.

One night we played putt putt on the hardest course known to exist.

Then we decided to go to Universal Studios.

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